Time To Dress Princess Barbie

Game Description: Celebrating a grand princess party in this beautiful palace is one of the most awaited wishes of this gorgeous princess Barbie. Every time when she plans to organize this dream event there would be some other significant occasion taking place so she sadly used to postpone her plans for some other day. Today it seems like Barbie is truly happy, do you know why? She is celebrating her dream princess party that she was waiting for a long and there are no other events going to take place in her palace today. She has invited all her dear ones for this festive party and she has requested her costume designer to design and fill her closet with perfect princess dresses for her. She is going to give you a chance to choose the right outfit for her to wear at the party. Right now her wardrobe is full with colorful outfits and accessories. Its time to make your best choice and make Barbie pretty.

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