The Four Clatters

Game Description: The Four Clatters is a game about taking care of the four babies. In this game, you will act as the babysitter of the four kids. As a babysitter you will take care of the babies in behalf of the parents. The job of the babysitter is quite tough. As a baby sitter, you should be patient all the time and you should not let the babies cry. Each baby has different needs. One baby might need a baby bottle because he/she is hungry and another baby needs a rock so that he/she can go to sleep. Oftentimes, they also need a toy to play with. Sometimes a baby needs to burp. Some babies require diaper changing. Each of the baby's needs is displayed above the baby. Your job is to find this below and match it to the baby's needs. Remember that there are four kids that you have to take care. Therefore, you should be quick in your actions so that you can attend to the other babies. For every need that you provide for each baby, you can gain a score. The more requirements you give to the babies the more you can gain points. The Four Clatters is an exciting game for everyone especially for the girls.

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