Rave Nation Makeover

Game Description: This girl had been waiting patiently for this beautiful day since the beginning of this year. Every year on this day a grant music festival, The Rave Nation takes place in her city. This girl is a music lover who attends all the musical events that take place in her city all year round. Amongst all the musical events, The Rave Nation is the biggest musical festival. This is the only event in the year that brings all the great musicians, singers and music lovers together. The most essential things that all girls who take part in such an amazing event should take care of are their skin complexion, makeup, hairstyle their outfit and accessories. We have different kinds of masks that smoothens the skin and brighten up the skin complexion, we also have makeup items that will give her a gorgeous look. Our fashion designer has designed some amazing outfits and accessories for her that'd give her a stylish look and help her to get noticed. Now, it is your turn to give her a makeover!

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