Popular Nail Art For Girls

Game Description: Nail art has become extremely popular among the friends of this girl. After checking out her friends' nails she also became an avid fan of nail fashion and created a separate room for nail makeover. Nowadays, whenever this girl and her friends meet, their first task is to compare their nail designs and share some creative ideas on how and where to get a fabulous manicure. According to her friends' schedule, it seems like this girl is going to the amusement park to play with her friends. So why not help her create beautiful nail art as she always expects someone to help her to beautify her nails. It is a nice opportunity for you to see her nail designing room and to show your nail makeover skills. Check out all of her colorful printed nail polishes, decorative stickers, and sparkling rings to create a magnificent nail design for her that would stun her and friends.

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