Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing

Game Description: This game is all about dressing up this cute child. This cute child will be having a magazine photo shoot and she must look nice. Help her in finding a stylish and fashionable outfit so the she can look great. First, you have to choose a nice hair for her and combine this with a nice ribbon or any accessory on her hair. Choose a pair of nice gloves for her hands. Give her body some nice clothes. Select from a variety of clothes with different colors and designs. Choose also a nice panty for her. After this, find the pair of socks that can match her clothes. The socks should also match the shoes. After dressing this cute baby, you can also choose a toy for her. You can also change her skin tone by choosing a lighter one or a darker one. In this game girls can use their creativity in matching the clothes and shoes that the cute baby will wear. You can make her stand out. After dressing up the cute baby then she will be ready for her magazine photo shoot.

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