Destination Wedding Prep Hawaii

Game Description: The first thing that every couple getting married thinks is, selecting the wedding date and their wedding venue. Different couples have different kinds of ideas about their wedding location. Some couple prefer indoor wedding and some outdoor. No matter where the couples get married their biggest wish and dream is always the same, to have a beautiful, unique and memorable wedding. This bride-to-be wants her wedding to be the most special wedding so she decided to have a unique destination wedding. In order to choose the right destination wedding location she met a wedding planner and the wedding planner advised her to have her wedding on Hawaii beach. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it is the perfect place for destination wedding. Finally all the wedding arrangements are done. In a few minutes this couple is going to get married. The bride wants to look very beautiful at her wedding ceremony. Create a distinctive bridal look for the bride that will highlight her beauty and last all day.

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