Attractive Short Wedding Hairstyle For A Bride

Game Description: The wedding ceremony of this beautiful bride is going to take place tomorrow in the morning. Yesterday, she met her friends at their residence to invite them for her wedding; but some of their comments on her short hairs made her a little sad. According to her friends, brides only look beautiful if they have a long hair. On her wedding day, she wants to show that even brides having short hairstyle can also look equally snazzy and graceful. She used all of her hairstyling skills and created around eight short hairstyles for her and also updated her wardrobe with stunning gowns, jewelries and different kinds of makeup sets for marriage ceremony. She has selected you as her personal fashion stylist. First choose the perfect short hairstyle for her which is her top priority and then continue applying your makeover skills to create a stunning bridal look.

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