Aqua Baby

Game Description: Aqua Baby is a challenging game for all the girls. The babies are all dressed up for their dive to the underwater world. These cute babies are dressed in their tiny diving suits and they are ready in exploring the mysteries of the underwater. They want to discover the lost treasures, different marine species and the old wrecks. You will be playing the role of a popular photographer and you will be taking a shot of this memorable moment. In order to take a good picture, you have to make sure that everything is organized. Try to use your creativity and imagination. Arrange all the elements in the underwater in order to make the baby's picture perfect. The underwater is a great place for capturing pictures because there are many sea creatures that you can find. There are various types of fishes swimming around and there are also different shells. The girls who will be playing the Aqua Baby can make use of their designing skills. They are free to choose any element that they want to put and they can put it wherever they want. If you are already satisfied with the arrangement then it is time for you to take the picture and print it or play again.

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