A Sweet Little Girl Playing In Ball Pit

Game Description: Playing with colorful balls and jumping in the middle of the ball pit is the most favorite game of this pretty, little girl. The father of this cute girl heard from his friend that a ball pit event for kids has been organized at city's most popular amusement park. On hearing this news he immediately took permission for a day from his manager and went to his daughter and informed her about the ball pit event, which made the girl jump with joy. She has a distinct wardrobe in which there are lots of colorful outfits that she wears only for such memorable events. Her father wants you to dress her up as he is busy in organizing all the necessary things so that they may reach the amusement park as quick as possible and allow his daughter to spend sufficient time playing in the ball pond. Dress the girl up with a colorful outfit that would suit the occasion and make her look fantastic.

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