A Relaxing Sunny Day For Barbie

Game Description: Whenever Barbie takes a day off from her daily routine and decides to relax the whole day at some pleasant place, her top priority is to take a casual walk on the green grass that grows all around her house and sit under the shades of trees watching colorful flowers and birds around. It is her most preferred practice to wear floral printed dresses whenever she goes for her relaxation activity. Today is a beautiful, sunny day so she is getting ready to go out and take some rest by doing her usual relaxation activity. She has different kinds of floral printed outfits, handbags, headbands and fancy heels in her wardrobe. Do you want to check out Barbie's fancy wardrobe and try all these clothes and accessories on her? So what are you waiting for? Barbie is welcoming you to help dress her up for this fantastic activity. Enjoy the relaxing sunny day with Barbie!

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