A Distinct And Memorable Summer Wedding

Game Description: Wow! What a beautiful natural landscape. This is the place chosen by this bride and groom for their marriage ceremony. Both of them sent invitations to everyone they know and almost everyone will soon gather up at this pleasant place and take part in this wondrous summer wedding and enjoy nature's beauty at the same time. Since this is not an ordinary occasion but a very memorable day for the couple, so both of them went through lots of wedding gowns and tuxedos stores and brought some of the best clothes from each of the store they visited. In order to determine which gown and tuxedo these two beautiful people would wear on their wedding day, they decided to invite an amazing summer wedding fashion expert. While they were searching for the best fashion designer, luckily one of their friends recommended you. Come on and get the beautiful bride and handsome groom ready for the summer wedding. Don't forget to choose stylish sunglasses for them as it seems that the weather today would be very sunny out here.

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